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On 21. Mar 2018, 19:54:31 by Admin

Dear players,

At friday night we will close the game for some time so we can start the Beta Universe. We want to warn that so far the Beta universe includes the balancing changes and Government System and a reworked Tutorial system. The StarGate add-on will be added progressively.

We are also happy to tell you that we have most content translated into the game to different languages.

Best regards,
Stellaron Team
On 16. Mar 2018, 01:08:29 by Admin

That's it! We have announced the day of our second universe opening!

If you are registered on Ancient Universe you got an email with the following.
On this new Universe you will be able to do new content in the game

> Explore planets on a different universe, conquer them and spread your influence
> Create your own race, your own bonuses and decide what is unique on your race such specific ships or defenses!
> Rebalanced Mothership + Megastructures
> New Battle system
> ... and much more!
Meanwhile, you can join, for free, the Beta Universe and try the new content, so you can help us to start the new universe on a balanced way. Stay tuned on the forum or the game news about Beta opening.

The Beta will be announced here on login page aswell on social networks and forum
On 12. Mar 2018, 02:16:50 by Admin

Dear players,

In order to perform some changes on the game to prepare the Beta Universe, we will need to perform a small moderated maintenace. Stellaron may be down a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 3/4 days on next week (probably weekend, but we will tell the definitive day via game global message/forum post)

This maintenance is required because as Stellaron is a heavy game that demands some server resources, we will have to split the universes into different servers, one running Ancient Universe while other running StarGate universe. With this update, we can make sure the game will have the best performance. As you remember the first time we started to use the current server [under name] we had some performance issues, where you could get up to 3 or 4 seconds loading a simple building page. The objective is avoid this with proper knowledge upon new universe opening.

We want to thank you for supporting Stellaron with donations which made possible for us doing such investment to keep the game running and open a new universe.

Best regards,
Stellaron Team
On 06. Mar 2018, 14:43:17 by Admin

We will be able to release very soon the beta version of StarGate Universe before official release.

You can follow us thorugh our facebook page or in our forum -

Best regards
On 10. Feb 2018, 02:34:53 by Admin

While Ancient Universe have been our biggest success, we will keep it open forever as long you wish to play. But we understand players get tired and wants to go back on fresh start to have a chance to be at first position.

For this reason, we expect to release a new future universe with a new expansion on it. While in this universe [Ancient Universe] you can develop Motherships, Ancient Tech, Megastructures, on Stargate universe, you can do all of this and you will be able to travel or expand into a different universe with different planets that can be both farmable or conquerable. There will be much more, but we will announce about it in future.

This new universe it's predicted to open between March-April and we will give more news every weekend through login page or in-game itself. The decision to become late-March to April comes because we want to have time to prepare everything without rush.

Best regards,
Stellaron Team.