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Stellaron 2.4 Update
On 07. Oct 2018, 10:46:22 by Admin

Fallen Universe (or Old/Universe 1) - This is a permanent universe. When Awaken Universe is resetted, your progress is saved into Fallen Universe. This universe is for players who want to play on chill or continue their own empire. If you played Stellaron previously, what have you done in Ancient and Stargate universe can be played here.

######## Changes for Fallen Universe
- All content from Stargate and Ancient are imported, playable and merged.
- Expedition Research gives a colony slot every level
- No colony capped limit. Increased from 50 and 35 (from Ancient and Stargate) to infinite.
- IMPORTED conquered planets and megastructures are integrated to your empire. This means it will not consume anymore a Galatic Campaign slot.
- Due to the size of the game backup, we were unable to recover Officiers, Motherships built, Ancient Cannons and Mothership modules from both universes. All existing accounts will have officiers at maximum level and will start with additional 1 million of Dark Matter added to their current Dark Matter.

######## Global Changes
- Authentication: You now can use email to login
- Bugfix: Additional bonus energy was not working on planet biomes since Ancient Universe. As a bug that was never reported, that would difficult the leveling of Gravition Research.
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug where Fallen Empires could have total shields owned by player from records. (E.g., instead of a Fallen Empire own Orbital Defence Platform at level 1, would own total number of existing ODP from single player)
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug where you could use Resource Collector or Fleet Harvester while under attack.
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug when you purchase shorten Building time, it would shorten Research time too.
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug of refresh loop on Buildings and Research when time was about to finish.
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug where flying motherships could be changed.
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug where unique defense could have mothership engines.
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug from Ancient uni where Computer Basic Aggressive Behaviour module and Advanced Aggressive Behaviour were breaking mothership's attack.
- Buildings: Empire Complex renamed to Planetary Administration
- Buildings: Planetary Administration can not be builded in main planet and colonized planets.
- Fleet: Megaengineer speed changed from 1 to 10
- Fleet: Megaengineer is destroyed after developing a megastructure, similar to colonization ship when founds a colony.
- Galaxy: Planet biome are not preset anymore compared to Stargate universe onwards. Planet biome is pregenerated in moment of colonization.
- Galaxy: Instead of generate the stars at the universe start, star will be known when the first colony is met on the system. With this change, the star will be named as "{Username} {System} {Star Class}"
- Galaxy: Expedition Mission won't allow players receive duplicated default modules.
- Galaxy: Debris colorization has been changed. If the debris are higher than, at least, one of your resources, it will have different background. Otherwise will remain black.
- Galaxy & Terraform: Planet bonuses. This feature will bring planets have their own bonuses, positive or negative. They can be acquired on colonization or given randomly through Terraforming a planet.
- Galaxy: End-game events where you can win ships, buildings and other rewards.
- Galaxy: Black hole systems can be colonized only once.
- Megastructure: New megastructure: Gateway. A gateway is similar to a moon jumpgate. You can only build 2, they are permanent and can not be abandoned. You can transfer ships between them without fleet time and there is no cooldown usage. This is an alternative to the expensive Fleet Collector.
- Officiers: Certain Black Market features were moved from proper pages. For example, to purchase Moons now you do in Overview page.
- Planet: "Destroy planet" will be changed to "Abandon". When user abandons a megastructure or planet it can be conquered by another player affecting 0.5 Galatic Campaign slot. This megastructure/planet will have less biome bonuses unless you terraform it and the original abandoned megastructure owner can not conquer it back.
- Shipyard: Mothership now can have their own name
- Synthetics: Megastructures can now be controlled by Synthetics. Since they are special planets, costs 20.000 units of Dark Matter.
- Synthetics: Price to use synthetics on planets changed from 10.000 units of Dark Matter to 7.500 units of Dark Matter.
- Terraform: Removed increased cost per terraformed planet.
- Terraform: Reworked Terraforming Cost. Instead of having a fixed value as it is used to, now it is based on planet's production per hour.
- Terraform: Increased Terraforming Level by 1.5
- Terraform: Terraforming a planet does not give negative resources anymore.