Stellaron is a OGame private server browsergame based on Steemnova OGame Engine. Despite of the source that most OGame servers runs, we have revolutionized with unique add-ons that makes us distant from the typical OGame. Our contents are heavily inspired on some 4x games such Civilization VI, Stellaris, Endless Space and others. Here we focus on player entertainment rather than "2-month universes then reset" or "game ends when you unlock avatar". Let your player build his unique ship, conquer unique planets, fight against end-game crisis and rule the universe! To run Stellaron, it is highly recommended you own a VPS with Debian 9.7 (Vesta CP compatible) or Ubuntu 18.08 (CyberPanel compatible), with 2GB RAM recommended or 1GB RAM minimum, with at least 1 GB disk space available, with Composer installed (and consequent SSH access), and with PHP version 7.0 or above (supports PHP 7.3). If you can't match those requirements, we can provide you free hosting.


After purchase, you will receive a message to the email you used for checkout.