Seasons Update & Patches

Last updated in August 1st

On 22. Jul 2020, 10:16:30 by Stellaron

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Universe Seasons and Perk Points

Before hesitate about a concept of an universe restarting every X days, we do recommend you to read it carefully.

The season concept will make Stellaron have only two universes - the universe 1 and a seasoned universe that resets every 90 days. Because we know players are not willing to restart the game over and over again without being rewarded for their hard work, we have introduced something called Perk points: points are awarded to the top players of one season which can be exchanged into permanent bonuses that affects all universes. For example, "+5% production of resources" for 1 perk point or "+1 Ringworld" for 3 perk points, if player purchases +1 Ringworld, at the new universe start or in an existing one, this player can build an additional Ringworld.

Season Modifiers

At the start of the creation of an OGame universe, the best game was that one with attractive speeds. At the moment, every OGame server has approximately the same speeds. For the Seasons, we want to change how to differentiate our universe with the introduction of Season Modifiers - each time a new season starts, the game gets unique modifiers/lore affecting the season. For example, we will name 2 seasons, 1 and 2. On Season 1, the modifiers were +25% asteroid spawn and production. On Season 2, new modifiers will be introduced like +25% attack power against events and +100% aggresive behavior by the events. This can entertain players and let them rethink about their own strategy instead of spamming the same strategy, on a new universe, over and over again.

Bash changes, ACS and "Truce Mode"

We have reduced the Bashing rule into 3 attacks. If a player gets bashed by an attacker, it triggers "Truce Mode", i.e., while the attacker can not attack for the next 24 hours that planet, the victim of the bash can not be attacked on that planet by any other player, so it can recover from the losses. This protection mode lasts 12 hours, aftewards, the planet can be attacked by anyone else (or on next 12 hours by the basher).


  • Fixed an exploit on Quick Expedition where player could manipulate the post data.
  • Fixed the bonus "Terraform bonus" not being properly applied.
  • Fixed if the hired officier, when level up, do not earn more bonuses.
  • Fixed Dyson Sphere production ignored while player was offline.


  • Introduced Universe Seasons add-on.
  • Introduced Perk Points add-on.
  • Introduced "Truce mode" mechanism.
  • (Re)Introduced Trial of Ascension add-on.
  • (Re)Introduced Black Market store.
  • Improved Trial of Ascension add-on for Reborn UI.
  • Improved Simulator page for Reborn UI.
  • Added boosted Decompressor production in exchange of Dark Matter per hour.
  • Dyson, Decompressor and Nexus can be attacked.
  • Resources from Decompressor can not be stolen while being attacked.