June Updates & Patches

Last updated in June 11

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On 11. Jun 2019, 12:46:16 by Admin

June 9
  • Fixed an error where Spy Missions fleet lock when target does not exist (very common with Event missions where players spy the target on hour-change time, where coordinates are affected)
  • Fixed an error on Attack where players that would spent resources on exact mission of attack hit would cause fleet lock
June 10
  • Fixed Protection Planets could appear on Temporary Bonus Gateway (which would cause players could not use again protection planets)
  • Fixed when alliance owner wanted to harvest resources/fleet, it could see data from Alliance Fortress (although it can not collect it)
  • Fixed force reload when required on popups (such Harvest functions)
  • Fixed slow page speed on Empire Page while querying ship distance for Harvest Fleet
  • Fixed Alliance Fortress could use Harvest buttons
  • Fixed Alliance home page displaying unavailable officiers to level up from Fortress
June 11
  • Added Terraform to Moons
  • Added Paradise Dome to Megastructures
  • Removed Ecumenopolis restriction from Spaceport and Moon Districts